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   Our Mission is to Educate and Promote a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle for everyone, regardless of Economic limitations through our Community Garden Programs.

       Below is an insight of some of the wonderful things being done through the Community Garden Programs.  Healthy Harvest Farms with our wonderful supporters provide Community Education and Support for those in need as well as a place to go to for all ages.
Community Support

     One main focus that we try to do basically is to provide and make sure nobody goes to bed hungry tonight.

      The idea is to grow  the healthiest alternatives for those in need that because of economic restraints wouldn't usually be available to.   We donate the majority of every harvest to local food banks and organizations.  We sell a smaller portion to Healthy Harvest Farms Club members at a below market rate to offset operational expenses.  

     We pride ourselves in  providing an environment to where everybody involved benefits.  We look forward  to teaching communities as well as people how easy and and how much fun it actually is. We enjoy providing a much needed product for the ones that need it most.



      Teaching our youth I feel is the key to the changes for the future.  So, what better way than to bring the kids and adults of all ages out for a variety of classes, tours and fun for all.  

    Educating in a beautiful surrounding with a positive atmosphere for those interested in their community and actually doing something to better our way of life.       We love having all ages, groups and organizations.  We can be reached anytime for questions about our classes and can also view our online schedule above.


     One of my hopes are of us achieving an aggressive expansion program. This program will benefit all and can actually contribute in changing our society for the better.  Well that is the desire.  To achieve this we are working with local and State leaders.          Their commitments and assistance as well as the overwhelming support of the community is opening doors to expand into other communities.  We encourage all to contact us if interested in us coming to your area.

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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

December 5, 2013


10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain 

Are You Beginning to Look a Lot Like Santa?


     I don’t want to be the Grinch who stole Christmas dinner, but we have to ask. Just when did holidays like Hanukkah  and Christmas morph from messages of love and giving to ones of food and gorging?

Whether it’s one, three or seven pounds, experience says that most of us will gain weight between now and New Year’s Day. So it bears repeating that moderation is the key to enjoying a fun and healthy  holiday season .

This year, shake off the ghosts of food-crammed Christmases past! Fill up instead on family and friendship rather than food and feasting. Make a concerted effort to fill your heart with love—not cholesterol—and you’ll start the New Year with a brighter outlook instead of a desperate resolve to shed pounds!

So, in the tradition of giving, I'm offering you a very special gift : the 10 ways to avoid holiday weight gain. It’s one size fits all, so feast your eyes on this easy-to-follow advice before you feast on that second slice of Aunt Edna’s holiday  pie.

  1. Keep your eye on the prize…a slimmer you! Mindful snacking is one way to weigh less without stress. Mindless snacking will prevent the weight loss you’re working so hard to accomplish.
  2. Imbibe with caution. Alcohol accomplishes two negatives: extra calories without nutrition, and a relaxing of inhibitions. You need all your willpower to resist the cheese dips and fried snacks, so staying sober is a good strategy. 
  3. Don't go wild. Hey, it’s a party! So it is. Enjoy a beer, glass of wine, or even a cocktail (made with club soda or diet soda, of course). Spend the rest of the party walking around with a full glass of club soda with lime. Keeping your hands occupied accomplishes two purposes: first, the hosts will not ask if you need a drink (you have one), and second, it’s harder to eat with one hand wrapped around a glass.
  4. Host your own party. Cocktail parties are so easy to make healthy. Too many hosts toss together a menu of fried foods, fatty cheeses, greasy chips and snacks, and unlimited nuts. There are plenty of great alternatives like grilled chicken and crudités with yogurt dip, baked chips and pretzels. Get more healthy party food ideas.
  5. Stay active. Nothing helps your reach (and maintain) a healthy weight like physical activity. If you’re like most, holidays keep you busier than ever, leaving you with less time for yourself. If you don’t have time to get to the gym, stay fit by walking daily. Get up 15 minutes earlier than usual and walk briskly. Repeat just before dinner.
  6. Make the reservations. Social obligations often mean dining out. But if you pick the restaurant, you’re guaranteed to be able to eat healthfully. Choose an establishment that offers a variety of foods so everyone is guaranteed to find something they enjoy. Use these dining out tips to keep it healthy.
  7. Choose to lose. Many people feel that if they don’t partake in the holiday feasting tradition, others will perceive them as rude or ungrateful. Hey, it’s your diet, your way. You have the right to eat what you want, where you want and in the amount you want.
  8. Just say NO…tactfully! You can say to your host, "Oh, I’m sorry. My plan doesn’t include (name the food) but, I surely thank you!" Or, "Oh, thank you so much, I’m sure it’s wonderful! I’m too full right now, but thanks for asking!" Firmly exercise your right of refusal, but be sure to graciously thank your host for offering.
  9. Prepare for a party and take the edge off your appetite. Eat a small, healthy snack before the party. A half-sandwich of turkey in a whole-wheat pita stuffed with sprouts and tomatoes will fuel you nicely. Then, at the party, you can pick and choose wisely without being driven by hunger.
  10. Get support. Sometimes you just need to talk to a friend or buddy, and get some support and motivation to resist the holiday temptations. Post on the message boards, call a friend, or bring along your diet buddy for emotional support!

Here's to a healthy holiday season!

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